Why Milfs on Webcams Made Me Miss the Rio Carnival

I believe that almost everybody for once in their lives dreamt of visiting the Rio Carnival. Well for the last couple of years I’ve been preparing myself to go. Postponing my trip year after year finally the time has come for me to go to Brazil. I would travel alone. But a beautiful Brazilian milf with who I’ve been chatting for the last couple of months on milfs on webcams website was going to meet me there.

I am a big fan of live sex webcams sites. Especially milf sites. Milf on webcams are my fetish.

And finally, D day has come. Replacing the cold New York winter with a beautiful Brazilian summer. I spend the last night arranging my arrival with my beautiful Brazilian milf on cam. My boss was generous enough to give me 3 days off work and I intended to use them the best I could

Backpack on my back. A passport and 2k in my pocket is all I brought with me. I think for the first time in my life Newark traffic wasn’t bothering me. I was at the back of the cab thinking of what was coming ahead. As much as I wanted to visit the Rio Carnival all I could think of was engaging in sexual fantasies with my milf on cam model. I couldn’t wait to see Maria face to face.

Chatting with her for the last couple of months made me want her so much. I knew every part of her hot body but wasn’t able to touch her. Feel her big boobs bouncing on my face. Lick her wet pussy. Put my cock in her big ass. My god, I was aroused.

Arriving in Rio Looking For my Milfs On Webcams

I used the extra time I had before boarding the plane to go to the men’s room and jerk off my cock. I came twice. That’s how aroused I was.

Immediately as I set on the aeroplane seat I fell asleep. Waking up just 15 minutes before landing I use the time to change my clothes. From 0 to  28 degrees in just a couple of hours. Not bad for the guy travelling abroad for the first time in his life.

Although getting through customs was easy and quick, for me felt like an eternity. I was constantly looking towards the exit trying to find Maria. But there was no sign of my Brazilian milf.

The airport was crowded because of so many people visiting the carnival. So I stood by the exit and waited for a while. But still, Maria was nowhere to be found.

At that moment I was almost certain that she wasn’t coming. But as I just started to hate her for standing me up a saw a guy holding a paper with my name on it.

His name was Hulio. he explained to me that Maria was holding up the Beach House she rented for us 30 miles away from Rio. And that he was there to pick me up and take me to her.

I was so relieved and happy, after all, she didn’t stand me up. She was just too busy preparing our sex house but nevertheless, send somebody to pick me up. I followed the courier to his car, and we were on our way to my Brazilian milf but this time monitor wouldn’t be standing between us.

First Time Face to Face with Maria my Milfs On Webcams Model

Driving through Rio de Janeiro I was enjoying the scenery. It was a beautiful city. With beautiful beaches, and gorgeous women. Everybody was preparing for the festival. It was starting tonight. Although it seemed that the party had started a few days earlier.

An hour later we got to a remote beach from the city. A few beach houses, palm trees and an amazing view of the ocean.

Something else was amazing too. The view of Maria coming towards me. Long blonde hair, dark tanned skin. Her tits bouncing although she was walking to me not running. She came close to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek squeezing me but as I did hers. And what an ass she had! Enormous, round-shaped but firm. I couldn’t wait to start spanking her.

We exchanged a few words, dropped my stuff at the beautiful beach house she rented for us and went for a swim. I lay down in the shallow waters and she climbed over me giving me just a little glance at what was going to happen next. She was riding me slowly and erotic. I was so aroused and horny I wanted to fuck her right there and right now. But there are people on the beach so we continued our sex with sexual games.

We got out of the water and went sunbathing. I hit the towels while she went to the beach house to make a few cocktails.

Wanting to Cum With my Milfs On Webcams

Lying down on the beach drinking icy cocktails with a gorgeous milf gently rubbing every part of my body with a sunbathing cream. Especially focusing on my erogenous spots. It doesn’t get better, doesn’t it? But it does. It was my time to rub her. As she took her top off I was enchanted with her enormous boobs. They were as big as my head, with small but sharp nipples. I started rubbing the cream onto her going the slowest as I could enjoying the moment.

She had an amazing body. Her skin was so soft you could slide on it. My shorts were getting tighter and tighter as my dick was getting harder and harder. And she was aware of it. But she wasn’t going to give herself to me yet. Although she used every opportunity to put her hands down my pants when no one was looking. But she also knew when to stop. Whenever I was close to cuming she pulled her hand out. She was playing with me and I liked it.

I knew we were not going to fuck. She wanted me to wait. She wanted me to get as horny and aroused as I could get. After months spent in private chat rooms with my milf on cam, she knew all my fantasies and all my sexual desires. And she played an excellent first half.

Getting Ready For the Carnival With my Milfs on Webcams

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and the carnival has started on Friday. The main event is tonight. People have been partying for 3 days now and we’re getting ready for the grand finale. Tonight the greatest party on Earth is coming to an end, and all the performers we’ll do their best to make you never forget this night.

Hundreds and hundreds of naked women will be dancing throughout the streets of Rio and all over Brazil. I was still lying on the beach enjoying the sun and beautiful cocktails Maria made. I’m not much of a drinker but nevertheless, I couldn’t stop enjoying the alcohol.

It was getting late and the time has come to go and prepare for the carnival. I went to the beach house preparing to hit the showers. My beautiful milf Maria was lying on the bed sleeping. She was naked of course. With white sheets covering only her gorgeous big ass.

By that time I was a little bit drunker than I should have been. I knew that because my cock wasn’t reacting as it should after seeing a naked woman lying in the bed. Especially a naked woman who is in every moment ready to jump on you and fuck your brains out.

I took my things as quietly as I could trying not to wake my hot milf up. We still had one hour left before we had to leave. It was enough time for me to enjoy a long shower and get dressed. At least I thought it would be.

Cuming Instead of Going With My Milf On Webcams Model

A couple of minutes after I let the water run, the shower doors opened. It was Maria. She didn’t say a word. She just kneeled down and started slowly sucking my dick. I thought I was dreaming. The feeling of my cock getting harder and harder while being in Maria’s mouth was amazing.

She was taking it all the way down to her throat, carefully biting it with her teeth. And her lips making all kinds of popping sounds. At the same time, her soft hands were all over my body. From gently rubbing my balls, too harshly squeezing my ass. To slowly rising up to my chest.

I was so happy and so proud of myself. First gorgeous milf was sucking my dick and second and for me even more important I knew the alcohol I drank had done its magic and that it would take a while before I cum.

I got her up, turning her face to the showers. After spending hours and hours watching her ass on my laptop finally it was a couple of inches away from my dick.

I was behind her rubbing my body against hers, softly placing my dick on her ass. As much as I wanted to put my dick into her I couldn’t move my hands from her boobs. My hands were too small for her large breasts but nevertheless, I  was enjoying putting her big nipples through my fingers squeezing them as hard as I could.

After I few minutes I put my dick into her wet pussy and started fucking her. Enjoying every hot sound she was making. I was teasing her. Going from slow and gentle to faster and harder. We spent an hour fucking under the shower before continuing in the bed.

Still Cuming and Not Going to the Carnival With My Milf On Webcams

The fucking continued in bed. Now she was on top of me. At first, I only enjoyed watching her boobs jump up and down as her ass was jumping on my balls. I was trying to keep my hands off of them, I don’t know why it just felt right. But that feeling passed the minute after and I started playing with them as a child plays with the new ball.

And Maria, well she was moving like a professional dancer. And the sound she was making was amazing. With my one hand between her tits and the other spanking her ass, I didn’t notice that it was getting dark outside and the sun was about to set. I wasn’t thinking about the carnival. The only thing I noticed is that there was nobody outside. The beach was empty and there were no lights on the nearby beach houses.

I was still far away from cuming, alcohol has that effect on me. But my cock was getting harder and harder I thought it would burst. I wanted to cum but I couldn’t. Two hours of wild sex has passed and we were getting any closer to coming to end.

The moonlight shined over the ocean and I wanted to continue the sex marathon we started on the beach. My milf was getting tired and I seized the opportunity to get her to move to the beach.

Sex On The Brazilian Moonlight with Milfs On Webcams

I placed her in the shallow waters. Slowly putting for feet onto my shoulders. But this time my cock was aiming for another hole. I needed to put my dick into her ass. I was so hard and so hot it went in without any problems.

She started to squeeze her toes. I was going in slowly, but then the adrenaline rush hit me and I started to speed up. A moment later I was fucking her ass as hard as I could. Leaning on to her so I could go as deep in her ass as I could. At the same time, the waves were spanking my ass and all you could hear were the sounds of Maria moaning and my balls hitting her ass.

The feeling was amazing. I was ready to cum. I took my dick out of her ass and started jerking it off with her enormous tits. She opened her mouth and placed her tongue out waiting for me to cum all over her mouth. I grabbed her by the hair, now placing my balls on her boobs putting my dick deep into her throat almost making her choke.

Emptying my balls into her mouth was the ending of the best sex of my life. Her whole face was covered in sperm and yet her tongue was still playing with my dick.

Afterwards, we went for a swim waiting for fireworks to end the carnival. And so it was.

Missing On The Carnival But Not Missing on My Milf On Webcams

After my heart stopped beating so hard and the adrenaline rush was over. I started feeling guilty because after years and years of planning to visit the carnival in Rio I missed it. Missed it because of wild sex with my milf.

But at the moment I turned back to Maria and seeing her naked again the feeling of the guilt was gone. And another feeling was coming back. The same feelings that made me miss the carnival in Rio.

So come and visit milf on webcams website. I am sure it will make you feel as good as I felt.

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