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I needed to visit a regular medical examination, but I did not think what it would lead to! I met a woman who showed me many new facets of pleasure. She taught me something that many before her could not.

And most importantly – she did it, being on the other side of the screen. The hottest milf cam lady, and a great doctor! Can you imagine? When we met for the first time, she was so modest and professional to me.

Milfs on Webcams @ Sex Chats the Best Milf Cam Site
Milfs on Webcams @ Sex Chats the Best Milf Cam Site

Sexy milfs on webcams can be in white coats 

A doctor and a nurse were waiting for me – two women, but so different! The nurse unbuttoned her white coat dangerously sexy. It seems that her robe was much shorter than it should be, but it was pleasant to look at her.

The young nurse winked at me and put her boobs on my shoulder as she checked my blood pressure. I thought it would be easy to get such a nice baby right here in the bathroom of a private clinic.

But the doctor is another matter. Like a milfs on webcams from my dreams. A mature woman, 15 years older than me. And although she looks strict and professional, she is very hot! Big boobs, sophisticated body. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a breathtaking intimate haircut under her panties.

The shocking truth – she is a real milf cam model

So, I fulfilled my desire as I planned. After the examination, I whispered to the nurse that I was waiting for her in the toilet. I fucked her, but I thought about a smart doctor. I pressed a girl against the wall and tightly squeezed her juicy breasts. And I asked if her colleague would like to join us.

Moaning, the girl replied that the doctor was not interested in such entertainment. But, she knows something about her! They say that the doctor has a hobby – showing off her charms in front of the webcam with milfs cams.

I could see this gorgeous woman through the webcam! I couldn’t wait and cum right into the girl’s hot hole. To tell you the truth, I don’t like young girls as much as I like mature ladies and sometimes visiting milfs on webcams.

Internet searches for milfs cams and my Doctor Sexy 

I did not know exactly the name of the website where to look for my dream. I had to work hard, but after 2 days I saw her. It turned out, she was a milf cam model for many years! Probably, few people know that in ordinary life this is a respected doctor.

I wrote to her and we began to chat. She was no longer so cold and distant online. Knows how to talk to the client! Her smile invited me to talk about everything.

Private show of milf cam model 

She invited me to a private room. Well, let’s see what she can offer me. Do I want a striptease? Certainly! She turned on slow music and began to wiggle her hips, freeing her body from a dress. Under it was sexy black lingerie. Now I know, all milfs cams beauties love expensive underwear.

Her figure was very good, although it was clear that she was no longer a young girl. That is cute, but not for me. She was like an hourglass – big boobs, mouth-watering hips, thin waist.

I can imagine what she was like at 18 y.o! She danced while taking off her bra. I asked her to caress herself for a while. But, she coquettishly refused. Said, she loves to be naked in her milfs on webcams room.

It was hard to sit still looking at her 

She continued to undress, but I realized that it was too much for me! By the way, I guessed! My milf cam lover had an adorable intimate haircut. I asked her to give me the address so I could come and fuck her.

Anywhere! I can rent a hotel room, come to her, come to the clinic. But no, she said she was only ready for the video. But, as a reward for my patience, I got the right to choose toys for her. I liked the anal beads and the biggest realistic dildo.

Looking at milf cam playing with toys

It turned out that her hole was perfectly trained! Even a large dildo fits in it without any problems. I saw how a woman was enjoying the process no less than me. She was not shy at all – she was moaning and taking different poses in front of the camera. Sweetest milfs cams lady I have ever seen.

And after her first orgasm, she wanted to show me something else. She had anal beads too! I’ve never seen them used before. She took out the lubricant, generously applied it to the toy. Ball by ball, she pushed it into her pretty anus. I asked her to move as close to the screen as possible. I wanted to see how her body was swallowing this interesting and unusual toy.

Great milf cam lady teaches me how to please women

On our second meeting in front of the camera, she promised to teach me how to please women. She told me that it’s very easy with girls. They love tenderness, sweet words. But mature women want hard sex. I need to make sure – my dick is very firm. Only then can I offer it to Milf.

The second lesson was that mature ladies prefer anal toys. After childbirth, the vagina loses sensation, but stimulating the G-spot through the anus is the best idea. Who knows it better when a milfs on webcams and doctors! I have to buy a good lube. She showed me movements that can bring a mature woman to a wild orgasm in just 5 minutes.

Practice with milf from nearby

My homework was – to practice! The teacher milf cam model asked me to find a hot lady and try all the tricks and movements on her. And I remembered one sexy mommy, whom I often saw from the window. Hot juicy brunette with big booty. She will look great on my cock.

I saw her sending off her husband to work, and just 10 minutes later, her kids ran after the school bus. I decided to visit her right now. The pretext was banal – something about the improvement of the territory in front of our houses. This mommy began to chat with me and invited me to have an ice tea at her house.

I sat close to her to touch her naked hip and put my hand on her knee. First by accident, so she didn’t seem to notice, but I could see she was blushing. I squeezed her knee…

Treasures of milf holes are opened for me 

I took out a piece of ice from my drink, put it in my hand, and began to slowly move towards her panties. She paused for a second and looked at me in surprise. Yes, I was 10 years younger than her, maybe more. Her husband is a rich man in his 60s, I don’t think they had the sex she wanted.

I am a different kind of man. A young male with a strong penis. I remembered my doctor’s milf cam lessons. An ice cube immediately melted on her hot skin, but under my fingers blossomed the bud of her pussy. I pushed her lightly so that she could lie down. I decided to improvise. I laid her down, and began to play with her pussy. I tried her asshole too.

The bastion fell under my onslaught

She completely lost her mind when I caressed her. She didn’t even notice how I unbuttoned my jeans. Immediately took out a dick and quickly entered it to the full depth. Never seen a woman get so wet before! At that moment, I was thinking about my milf cam teacher. I wonder if she would be just as wet?

I fucked her with quick confident movements. I took out my cock for a moment and dipped my fingers in her vagina. Slippery fingers touched her anus and she moaned. Husband never took her ass!

Lesson from milfs on webcams helped me

She was afraid of pain, but I persuaded her to try. I used my fingers. Her hole stretched, and a satisfied smile appeared on her face. I remembered the lessons of my milf cam doctor and brought the cock closer to her anus. It was very slippery and wet after her vagina.

It was absolutely easy, she was ready after my fingers. I saw how she liked to feel me there inside. It’s just like my milf cam Doc said. My neighbor screamed with pleasure.

I finished deep inside her and didn’t take out my cock for some time. She came just a few moments later. She said that she had never had an awesome finish before.

Returning to the milfs on webcams and my teacher

My beauty was waiting for me. I told in detail how I satisfied my neighbor. I used all the advice the milf cam teacher gave me. And again, I asked her about a real meeting, but she refused. Webcam only. At a new meeting, she showed me how else you can please a woman. Just some secret finger movements!

But, I will not share this knowledge with anyone, I want to keep it for myself. Once she even showed me how she plays with vegetables – huge cucumbers and carrots. I would eat this appetizing salad dressed with her juices. Once she showed me how two dildos are placed in her vagina at once.

The teacher’s advice milfs cams was not in vain

My neighbor was a real chatterbox. Her friends began to come to my place with various pretexts. The same mouth-watering mothers who lack a young penis in their lives.

They asked me for salt, advice, help, or just brought me hot cupcakes. Under any pretext, they knocked on my door. I could only remember the advice of my milf cam teacher. Soon I was so trained that I could make these mature and experienced women have orgasms in a couple of minutes.

My neighbors milfs on webcams 

They came to me with their sex toys, and after a while, I even started buying my own. I’ve already had 15 hot moms for my cock. I advised some of them to create accounts on milfs cams websites.

I didn’t spare money to help them get used to the camera and was their first client. I taught them to show themselves, to masturbate in front of the camera, to chat with the audience. I think it helped bored moms to have fun and earn money and to become milfs cams stars.

Gift for a milf cam teacher

Sometime later I was in her clinic again. She pretended not to understand who was in front of her. And the nurse again smiled at me with a horney smile. But this time, she no longer interested me.

I left a box on my doctor’s desk. It was a gift. She immediately gave the results of the tests to the nurse and sent her to the laboratory. She locked the door. I think she loved my present.

There was a very expensive huge dildo with different modes of vibration. It was evident that she could not wait to try my gift. I agreed to everything. Just to be there for her when she tries a present. Well, I did it!

My milf cam model fulfilled my dreams 

The only thing I wanted was to see her pussy not via the camera, but in reality. I saw that she had doubts. After a moment’s thought. After a few seconds, she agreed. But, there were conditions – I have no right to touch her.

She lowered the curtains, sat down on her table, and lifted her skirt. I got as close as she let me. That sweet pussy of a milf cam girl! I felt her gentle scent and saw the shiny droplets of her juice. She directed my gift deep inside her. It began to vibrate and she closed her eyes.

Fantasies and dreams about my Milf

After our small session, I immediately saw the nurse. Without a word, I led her to the restroom. I just needed to release the tension and finish. After what I saw, I couldn’t stand it. Fucked her so hard that the girl could not speak. There was a lot of sperm, it flowed down her legs.

After that, I didn’t visit the webcams for a while. Seeing her pussy in front of me was harder than I thought. What could I do? Just to see her in my dreams. We did things that even I am ashamed to talk about.

Every night we bathed in orgasms. I fucked her dozens of times and woke up all wet. I sat at work excited all day and finally contacted her again and told her everything. She listened to me as a doctor should. She offered to prescribe sleeping pills if my dreams disturbed me.

But, the real cure would be only her pussy. We agreed to meet on the milfs on webcams website and enjoy life together. She had some more boys on the internet. She didn’t talk about them, but I realized they were young guys like me. But only I could see the live show in her office once!

We are still together with my sweet milf

Now we have fixed our meeting schedule: 3 times a week, and additional lessons and entertainment on weekends. For her, this is not an income, but fun. She said that she spends most of the money from milfs on webcams for charity. And for the rest, she buys new toys, underwear.

Sometimes I send her gifts directly to her office. But, I decided to change the clinic so as not to see her again. It hurt too much. And I found out – the queen of my dreams was married. And her husband is 10 years younger than her! He lets her have that hobby if she enjoys it. Of course, they met on milfs cams.

Since that time I have tried dating other milfs on webcams and they are really cool! These women are the best for me. Don’t try to please men as young girls do. They are just real women who know what they want from a man. And they can give us so much!

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