Milfs On Webcams and New York Cab Ride With Milfs Live

As any cab driver can tell you, after years spent doing this, you hear many kinds of different stories. Some of them are boring, some make you sick. Some are pretty crazy and some make you so aroused. Imagine the luck I had driving milfs on webcams every day for a couple of months. My God, the best period of my life.

It was the end of March, late afternoon. I was just ready to finish when a hot milf entered my cab. If it was anyone else I would not take the ride, but she was looked amazing. She was in a hurry and I did all in my power to get her where she needed to be in time. Luckily for me, everything went as it should, and for my effort, she recommended me to her friends.

After a while, I had two to three rides every day and in time they got to like me. They were telling me all about their work. What they do, how they do it, how does everything works.  Besides that, I heard a whole lot of stories about their shows. There were some hot ones and also some weird ones, even witnessed a live show in the back of my cab.

So let me tell you a little bit more about milfs on webcams. Maybe you will get to like them as much as I did. Believe me, there’s almost nothing an experienced milf cannot do. Sexual fantasies reach another level with them.

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Beautiful Milfs on Webcams

Milfs On Webcams A Website You Should Defiantly Check Out

After a couple of weeks driving hot milfs, and after they got used to me, we started to talk. First, we were talking in general, about how they got the job, do they like it, what were they doing before. These kind of normal, regular things.

As I got to know live sex webcam websites are a growing adult industry category. Especially has rocketed the porn market after the lockdowns started. So one of the first things I found out about milfs on webcam models is that the girls come from all over the world. Besides that, there are so many different personalities I couldn’t believe. Here you have from professional models, like ex-porn stars or stripers to everyday women.

You can even find women who have very good ranked jobs, like company SEO or something similar but perform on this kind of website for fun. Or they have that kind of fetish. Second, you have available models at every time of the day. It is very interesting because everything goes live. I believe that many of you have after visiting this site, forget about regular porn.

I mean live sex webcam sites are so much better than pre-recorded videos. Next, here you have to see a lot of shows for free. Neither way don’t be cheap, tip the models, they do not keep all the money you give them.

And for me maybe the most important thing. Whatever your sexual desire is, or how much your kink is weird you will find the appropriate model to fulfill your every desire. Trust me, I was ashamed of my fetishes before I started driving milfs on webcams. They are pretty kinky.

My First Cab Ride Story With Milfs On Webcams

Every Monday and Friday I was driving Mandy. A 42-year-old hot blonde milf.  She looked like a five-star slut. Pumped lips, enormous boobs, big hot ass. She was a former stripper and started working on milfs on webcams after her she got her second child.

She was all about the money and she knew how to take it from you. I didn’t have to ask Mandy anything, she liked to talk, maybe saw me as some kind of a priest. Either way for the last couple of weeks Mandy was performing for rich old gay who likes watching her play with sex toys.

Mandy had no limits, for the right amount of money she was prepared to do anything. And she was. Listening to her talk about her performance got my cock so hard I was thinking about jerking while driving. I thought she was aware of how hot she made me, and she enjoyed it.

She was guiding me word by word of her performance, talking dirty and twisting her body on the back of my cab. I don’t know how I didn’t crash, my eyes were more on my back mirror than on the road. And Mandy, she wasn’t stopping. She came as close to me as she could, whispering in my eyer, taking my cock into her hand.

I couldn’t see her because she was directly behind me, but I could feel her. She was jerking my cock faster and faster-talking all kinds of sexual perversions in my eyer. I was enjoying it, but we were near and I wanted to cum. Milfs on webcam was to get a free ride and a hand full of sperm.

Joining The Milfs Cams

The next day I was free so I decided to check the milfs on webcams websites. I was under the influence of last night. I could still hear Mandy whispering and I could still feel her hand on my cock. I was aroused.

Entering the website I was astonished at how many models they had. I was trying to find the one I know. The models I have been driving but that was simply not possible. There were so many hot milfs. You could maybe skip the first one or two you like, but the third was yours.

Also, I wanted to see how do these websites work? Entering the free chat room I could realize. Although the girls I drove told me a lot about their work it is different when you see it with your own eyes. Free rooms are as the name says free.

There you can check the model out, interact with her and the other users watching her. Also, you should get an idea of how far is the model prepared to go. For every kink, there is a model.

After seeing the model in the free chatroom, you have an option to take her to a private room. The place where the magic happens. Of course, you have to pay for a private performance. So before entering the private room you should buy tokens because you cannot pay with a credit card or pay pal or with any bank card. You buy tokens on the website and you pay the models with them.

Driving Kate a Milfs On Webcams Model

I enjoyed the free chatrooms a little bit more, but I didn’t go further. Why should I? I had the luck of driving them. Tomorrow was Saturday, Kate rides on Saturdays. She was beautiful, and I believe that she liked me. I wanted what happened with Mandy to happen again.

But not all the models are the same as all the women are not the same. Turned off my computer and went to sleep. After a long time, I was looking forward to the next day. The next day and the next cab ride.

It was 10:30 P.M., another half an hour, and Kate the most beautiful single mom will be riding with me. And riding for almost a whole hour as she lived far across the place I was picking her.

Finally, I picked up Kate. She had the most beautiful face I have ever seen. A girl to fall in love too. And she always smiled. But this time her eyes were full of tears. My plan was exchanging the cab ride for a milfs on webcams private cab performance went down the drain.

So I decided to try and make her feel better. I started talking about how I visited the milfs on webcams website last night and talking about how amazing the models are. I mean the performances they provide are incredible. Asked her what does she think about it?

It took her a minute before she started talking. She was sick of people treating her like a sex robot. But nevertheless, she liked this job, the pay was great and you decide when you want to work. She talked all the way until we reached her home.

Milfs On Webcams Models And What You Should Know About Them

The smile was back on and for being such a good listener I was promised an unforgettable ride next time. I was so glad Kate felt better, but it got me thinking. Most of the men treat these girls like robots. Like they don’t have emotions like they are not human beings.

The next couple of days and then the next couple of rides I used my time driving milfs on webams to find out more about them. How do they feel about doing this, what do they like and dislike. What kind of customers do they enjoy performing for. In general, what should you know before entering private chat rooms?

As I already said models come from all over the world. With this being said one thing is clear, there are so many different girls with different personalities. Not every one of them is going to do whatever you ask them to.

Before entering the private room you should check out the model’s profile. There you can find out more about them and see if they are the kind of a girl you are looking for. You have to realize that not every model is going to go all the way you want them to.

Second, be nice to them, the better you are to them the better they will be to you. Next, it doesn’t need to be all about the sex, they can be good listeners also. And finally, don’t be cheap, they work for a paycheck, tip them! They only get a percentage of the money you give them.

Crazy Cab Ride With Milfs On Webcams Model

After getting to know all these things I must be honest I started to look different on these girls. I realized that I also saw them only through sex and I was ashamed.

The next day I was to pick up the new milfs on the webcams model. It was her second day on the job. Writing this text I started wondering, do I have a fetish for these girls or do they all look gorgeous. Busty black milf came into my cab. She was in her late 40 with a perfect body.

She entered the cab saying ‘here is our favorite man’, it seemed the girls have been talking about me. I was glad if that was the case. I smiled and started driving. Looking back at her I could see something is wrong, she was twisting and seemed nervous.

After a minute I asked her is something wrong? She told me that her last performance got her so horny and that she didn’t get to cum. I responded immediately saying that ‘if you cannot wait I don’t mind you satisfying yourself here, I won’t look’.

The moment I said that she took her pants down and took the vibrator out of her purse. Next moment I was hearing the vibrator buzzing and milf on webcams more. My cock got hard instantly but I wasn’t invited to join so I continued driving trying not to pay attention to what was going on behind me.

As we were coming close to her home so was she. My back seat was all wet and I had no problem with it. Before getting out she gave me a wet, hot kiss telling me that I am even better than the other models told her.

As Kate The Milfs On Webcams Model Promised

And maybe next time she’ll let me join in on the action. As much as I was under the impression of what happened I had no time to think about it. It was time to pick Kate up and as you remember she promised something.

She entered the cab this time sitting upfront with me. As she did so I knew she hasn’t forgotten about her promise. I started driving and for the first couple of minutes, we didn’t say a word. The first time she spoke she only said ‘I think you should call it a night, you will be very busy later’, ‘ but not here, will go my place’.

I called the cab station and ended my shift for tonight. Although I wasn’t prepared for this I was happy it was happening. We arrived and upon entering Kate’s house it didn’t take long for the action to start.

She poured me a glass of wine and placed me comfortably on the couch while she played some music, starting to take her clothes off slowly. ‘I have been checking you out from the first ride together, I am very much into you, ‘don’t get me wrong but I have to have you’, ‘you were so sweet trying to make me feel better the other night, now it’s my turn. I could have cum at that moment. That’s how aroused I was!

‘Let me see what you got Kate’ was the only thing I said to her. She was an experienced dancer. Her dance was so erotic I couldn’t describe it in words. She was slowly approaching me, teasing me with her gorgeous body, she was naked.

More Than I Hoped For With Kate A Milfs On Webcams Model

First, she did before she took my clothes off was give me a lap dance. I don’t want to brag but I have an enormous dick and she felt it. I was enjoying spanking her perfect ass, feeling her bobs and nipples through my hands.

She turned facing me, putting her nipples into my mouth, riding my cock faster and faster. But I still had my clothes on and all I was looking is an opportunity to take it off. She did it for me. While taking my pants off she got down on her knees placing her hands on my chest squeezing my nipples hard while swallowing my cock. She was good at sucking dick or maybe I just liked the way she was doing it. She was trying to suck my whole cock in but that was not an easy task.

I was enjoying it, just an hour ago I was giving Kate a ride and now she was riding my cock. And she was riding it hard while licking my whole face. I was holding my milfs on webcams model by her shoulders impaling her even harder onto my cock. She was moaning, screaming, twisting her body.

And I, well that night I was in the mood for fucking. As hard as my cock got and as much as I was aroused I wasn’t ready to cum. Not just jet, there was still a lot of stuff to do with hot milfs beautiful body.

I could see that Kate was getting tired so we changed positions. But before I continue pounding her with my big cock, I had to taste her tiny pussy.

Still Fucking Kate My Milfs Cams Model

So now she was on her back while I was down on my knees slowly approaching her gorgeous pussy. I started licking her pussy slowly with only the tip of my tongue getting more and more active. After a couple of minutes of doing so I devoted my full attention to her clit. Kate was getting wetter and wetter while my heart was pumping harder and harder.

Seeing that my hot milf is close to cum I stopped and got up. Putting my cock deep into her throat. I was pounding her mouth hardly. While choking with my dick she was rubbing her pussy wanting to cum. It was time to give her a nice hard fuck.

I placed her on her back again placing her feet on my chest, leaning on to her legs. My favorite position. I could see her face while pounding her pussy and also feel her toes twist onto my chest. Feet fetish, my personal favorite. And she had the most beautiful feet. I started my rubbing my dick onto her wet pussy, going into her from time to time. She couldn’t take it anymore, she started begging me to fuck her and fuck her hard.

And so I did. I leaned all the way to her mouth, just close enough so I could lick her lips with my tongue, now placing her feet on my shoulders, and started banging her pussy as hard as I could. She was enjoying, loudly screaming, squeezing my but hard, pushing me even harder into her. She was talking all the dirty stuff to me, making me spit in her mouth, biting her lips, twisting her nipples.

Getting Recommended by Kate a Milfs On Webcams Model

It was amazing sex! The next moment I got up still fucking her, but placing my finger on her clit, rubbing it while still being inside of her. She was done, I could feel my dick getting wormer and wormer and my balls getting wet.

Kate’s sperm was all over my cock and balls and now it was my time to cum. Don’t you love when the gill finishes before you? I slowed down and caught the paste I liked the most. Minutes after I was filling her mouth with my sperm, she swallowed every single drop.

Although I don’t like to cuddle after sex we were laying naked, next to each other, from time to time exchanging a kiss. I was full of myself because I rocked the sex, I was simply brilliant. My milfs on webcams was completely sexually satisfied. I mean who wouldn’t be.

I left a couple of hours later not knowing if this was just one-time sex or I have engaged in something else. To be honest I like my freedom but on the other hand, Kate was so hot and no matter of her job I would maybe give us a chance.

A few days later I was driving another of Kate’s call workers, she wasn’t talking too much but I could notice her smiling from time to time. And as the ride was coming to an end she asked me ‘are you really that good in bed as Kate has told me?’

What would you have answered? I decided to stay mysterious, telling her just ‘I really don’t know what you are talking about, what Kate?’ She just laughed and went home.

Crazy Cab Ride With Hot Milfs Model Part Two

I put on a smile and felt good about myself. Spend the rest of the day thinking how many more milf models know about wild sex Kate and I had? The more the better, don’t you think. Also, that probably meant that there was much more sex to come, and tell me, who doesn’t like sex?

I was heading to pick up the beautiful black milf that I rode a couple of days ago. Remember the one with the vibrator. Going there I was wondering if maybe she heard how good I am in bed? She told me herself maybe the next time she’ll let me join her.

Milfs on webcams have entered my mind, they were all I was thinking about these days, them and the wild sex I might have in the future. I am pretty good with words and have no problem talking with women so I made a decision. I would try to fuck as many milfs as I can, and if nothing else I am going to ask every one of them to go out.

My black milf entered the car, not so horny this time but it didn’t matter. So this time I decided to be the horny one. After a couple of minutes, we got to the part when I told her that now I have a similar problem as she had the previous time.

As soon as I said it, she told me to stop the car. I was angry with myself thinking I crossed the line, but she only came to the front seat. She only told me that she had no time waiting for me to jerk my dick, unzipped me, and started blowing my cock while I continued to drive.

Performing For My Milfs Cams Models

I lasted almost as the ride did, cumming just a few hundred meters before we arrived at the destination. Although Linda’s mouth was full of my sperm I kissed her as a sign of respect but charged her for the ride.

That was my last ride for the day and I was driving home, thinking of how I could surprise my hot milf rides. And then it hit me. Tonight I am going to perform for them. I knew all the information I needed. Where they perform, at what hours they are online, and knew all their nicknames.

As soon as I got home I set up the scenery, then connected my computer and laptop to my TV and split the screen. I didn’t know if all of them will be able to see me so I got prepared.

I knew that there were from 10 to 15 models at the office at this time and I knew all of them, some more, some less. But I wanted all of them to see me.

The first model I found online was Mandy, milf that rode me first. I offered her to go to a private chatroom and she accepted it. Once the connection was established and I told Mandy what I wanted to do she ran and called all the other girls that were free to come.

Besides Mandy, there were three other girls I also knew, and of course there was Kate. They all gathered in front of Mandy’s computer and the show could begin. I put on the music I prepared and also the music I knew to dance best to.

The Best Show Performed By Me For Milfs On Webcam

‘Here is something for the beautiful, gorgeous, and the best women I know. Relax and enjoy. And have in mind that this is my first time performing’! Latin dance music was going in behind and I was doing my best, must say that I’m a pretty good dancer.

As I was dancing I could see the smiles on their faces. I was sure nobody did this for them before and that I was the first. As I started to get my clothes off slowly the girls started cheering. ‘Let’s go, Kevin, let’s go, Kevin’. ‘Show us that tight ass of yours and I did. As I took all of my clothes off I shook my ass as best as I could turning around as the milfs on webcams could see every part of my body.

My audience was great and then came the time for my number one weapon. My enormous cock. I was spanking my things with it, jumping up and down, stretching it as long as I could. Their cheeks were getting red, I could see that they liked it. Especially, Kate, you couldn’t believe the way she was looking at me performing. Know after 20 minutes of dancing and doing all the sexual things I knew it was time for their wishes. So I bounded to them and said ‘your wishes are my command, tell me, sweet girls, what would you like me to next’?

But they were running out of free time so their wish was simple. Sit down jerk that big cock of yours and cum all over the screen. While jerking my cock they were helping, talking dirty, giving hot kisses to each other so it didn’t take me much time to cum.

A Day After The Private Performance For Milfs On Webcams

As I finished I tipped Mandy 300$ to split with every model that was watching. They were mine. Don’t get me wrong, I was theirs also. I went to sleep so happy and so proud of myself. Tomorrow was Saturday, it was Kate’s day to ride and I couldn’t wait to see her again.

Waiting for Kate to come out of the place she was working I was thinking of how much happier I became since I started driving milfs on webcams. They gave me so much positive energy and made the world a much better place for me.

And all that counting without the sex. Although it’s great it’s not like I had problems getting some before. I didn’t notice when she entered the car. Like last time she set up front with the most beautiful smile on her face. As I was ready to start and go, she said that we were waiting for somebody else.

We set in the car for the next 15 minutes waiting for Mia, an Asian milfs on webcams model. I thought Katie and her wanted to split the ride but as I was to find out later they had another plan. Mia was also one of the views of my performance the other night.

While waiting for Mia we were talking about everyday life, how’s at work, home. About some good parties, we missed and planned to visit some good next ones. Talked about our favorite restaurants and food. Not until you really talk to these girls you don’t get the idea that they are not so much different than the other girls.

At some moment Mia arrived and we were on our way to Kate’s house.

Going To Kate’s a Milfs On Webcams House Again

As I was driving them I hadn’t the slightest idea of the surprise I was going to get. They were not talking anything about my performance last night and neither was I. To be honest I was a bit tired. I drove a double shift that day and they were my last ride.

I was surprised when they invited me inside for a drink. Was not expecting that but took the offer without hesitating. At that moment I could feel they had something prepared for me.

This time I was drinking scotch instead of wine. I drank a few glasses waiting for them to change. Before they got back the music started playing and at that moment I knew that I was to engage in a threesome. Not bad for a cab driver.

They entered the room having nothing on them. I stood silent, just watching two beautiful naked milfs. ‘ Nobody has ever done for us what you did last night. Now it is our turn, have you ever done a threesome’?

Before I could answer the question, Mia responded ‘ it doesn’t matter if you haven’t, you are about to do it now, ‘ but first let us give a little show so that big cock of yours would get as hard as a rock. And they began.

They started with a few kisses before Mia kneeled down and started licking Kate from her feet and slowly going up to her pussy. Looking at Mia from behind, seeing her amazing beautiful Asian milfs ass, well I was ready to join instantly. But I had to wait and do as I was told.

After about 10 minutes of doing each other, they joined me on the sofa and started undressing me slowly.

A Threesome With Milfs Cam Models

As they got me naked, they both started licking my balls and dick. I was as horny as I could get. Pulling Kate up to me, enjoying her kisses while my cock was down Mia’s throat. I was about to have the best sex of life.

Every two minutes they were switching positions, one minute Mia was sucking my dick and the next Kate was down. I don’t know how I didn’t cum at those moments but as the sex games continued I was sure I was to go all the way with them.

I couldn’t wait to put my dick into Mia so I took the lead. I got behind Mia placing her in a doggy position. The moment I put my dick into her, Kate positioned her so Mia could lick her pussy. Mia’s ass was making me so hot so I immediately started pounding her hard.

Mia was being demolished and Kate was enjoying she even reached my chest with her long legs, touching my nipples with her beautiful toes. She remembered I had a foot fetish.

As earlier we continued switching positions, next couple of minutes I was pounding Kate, while Mia was enjoying being licked.

Next, I wanted to see which one of them will ride my cock better. It was a tuff decision because they were both great. The sex continued all night, there was nothing we haven’t tried. I was cumming all night and so were they. Until this day that was far the best sex I had in my life. Maybe because it was my first threesome. And girls, well what can I tell you. I am still driving them and believe it or not they are still riding me. And a whole lot more.

Finishing For Now With Milfs On Webcams

We got to the end for now and I just hope you are not still reading this text. If you are, please do not hesitate anymore to visit milfs on webcams website. Although it is hard to believe all these things can happen to you as they happened to me, do not give up on the chance to enjoy the beautiful, hot milfs. Maybe your story will be even better and hotter than mine.

In the end, there are so many of them out there, maybe just waiting for you to come. So quit wasting money and time watching regular porn and hurry up and join the amazing world of live web sex webcam sites.

Believe me, there’s no place you rather be.