Hot milfs on webcams Mommy makes me her boy-toy

I was lucky enough to meet a very hot milfs on webcam mom and I recognized her because I already saw her on the site! This sexy mommy is not against transferring our acquaintance to real life and going on an exciting date with me.

I have a lot of experience with milf cam via the internet, but I have never slept with a real naughty Milf beauty! Well, the first time turned out to be a real sweet revelation for me, which I love to remember. Milfs are real sex witches, able to get your soul and your cock forever!

Hot milfs on webcams Mommy makes me her boy toy
Hot milfs on webcams Mommy makes me her boy toy

Sweet babe with milfs on webcams in my gym

I work in a gym and lead sport-programs for women 40+. If you think that these are boring monotonous exercises, then you are deeply mistaken. These beauties want to prolong their youth and they want to fuck! So, more often as a personal trainer, I get both – a loyal client and a mature pussy at the same time.

Let’s just say a real Milf is what I love the most in sex. They are super passionate and never turn down sex. I can just put my muscular hand on her ass or touch her pussy during the exercise – she is ready to go with me into the locker room.

Sometimes I chat via milfs on webcams or go to to take the stress out of work. Who would have thought that one of the most beautiful and famous milf cam models would enter my gym!

She wore a tight pink sport suit and coquettishly held a water bottle in her hand. She was holding it like a dildo from her juicy show! She looked at all the coaches and chose me. It was Selena, the most famous milf cam webmodel. And her request was – the perfect figure, which is not ashamed to show on camera.

Acquaintance with milfs cams in real life

I used to see milfs on webcams models only via the Internet, and meeting this sugar pussy was a surprise. Do I need to say that I have already seen her many times? But we spent several sweet evenings, and I studied her whole body. It was perfect, mature, and trained.

“I think I’ve seen you somewhere before” – I said to milf cam with a wink.

“Really? Well, then we will definitely work with you, ”she answered and, in front of everyone, slapped my ass. Colleagues definitely envied me, I don’t know why, but Milf loved me more than other guys.

We have to admit that milfs cams worked out like a real monster. Now I understand where this perfect sexy body comes from. She devoted a lot of attention to the muscles of her chest and buttocks, asking me to help her and guide her. I approached from behind, shamelessly pressing my cock to her sweet ass. Let her know that I already have a boner.

I planned that after training I would fuck her in the toilet, like many others before her. But what an honor to fuck a star milfs on webcams! Maybe I’ll give her some free classes.

Unexpected offer from milfs on webcams

I could hardly wait for the end of our training. My kitty constantly touched me, touched my muscles without shame, stroked my hands. Sparks of passion flew between us. A sweet mature woman showed me her interest, who could resist?

In the end, she said that I was a great coach and made her sweat. And then she packed her bag and left! My balls were already sore and I couldn’t believe that was all for today. Sly milfs on webcams turned me on and threw me, beckoned me with her cunt, and then just ran away!

I found her in the evening, but she was constantly busy. She has a lot of clients, I know that half of the Milf lovers jerk off to her regularly, so it’s hard to catch her online and free. She made a great show every day. I went private with another sweet lady, but I was too disappointed and couldn’t cum. Around 10 p.m. I suddenly received a message on my phone:

“If you want to continue today’s training, I’ll pick you up by car. Send me your address and put on something decent, not a tracksuit.”

It was her, the milf cam star, who somehow got my phone number. I sent her the address and hurried to pick out some clothes. I felt like a boy whose mother suddenly decided to take me to eat an ice cream. But today I will lick something hot, not cold ice cream.

Hottie milfs cams makes me her doll

She gave me a critical look all over, and it was clear that she expected more. I’m in the gym all day, so almost all of my clothes are sports. There are also jeans and a jacket, but I felt a little uncomfortable in them. Okay, at least the white shirt looks great on me, and the jacket makes the whole look casual.

“Well, let’s work with what we have,” she said, “if I like you, I’ll buy you better clothes. Such a beautiful body can be dressed at a higher price.”

Milf cam had an expensive car and creme brulee leather vehicle interior. Well, of course, what was I waiting for, she is one of the top models in the world of webcams, of course, she earns more per evening in front of the camera than I do in a month. I thought that I would get the sex toy, but it seems that she will play with me the way she wants.

An evening with milf cam that I won’t forget

Gorgeous milfs on webcams babe stopped the car next to an expensive club. Everyone looked at me with a slight smile. They realized that it was not me who was paying for this evening, but just a sweet mom who decided to walk her pet.

We were alone in a dark compartment, we had a bottle of cold champagne and oysters. I realized that the milf cam Pretty was here often, she behaved like at home. She lay down on the pillows and took a glass of champagne:

“I’m a little tired after training, massage my legs,” she said.

It already seems to be a sexual game, and I readily took up the massage, rising from the ankles higher and higher. Knees, thighs, soft skin under her skirt. I felt that she was not wearing panties, and touched her hot pussy with my fingers.

My milf cam laughed while drinking more champagne. I took a sip straight from the bottle and lowered my head. Her pussy was waiting for me and I could see that she was getting aroused too. I took another sip from the bottle and touched her pussy with a cold tongue with champagne drops. She sighed languidly as she popped one of the oysters into her mouth.

I realized that I was a little mistaken because usually Milfs were ready for everything to get my cock and my attention, but this is different. She was famous on milfs on webcams and there was no shortage of young boys.

She was rich, beautiful, and knew exactly what she wanted. And now she did not at all seek to please me, on the contrary, she enjoyed me. It was I who was now – a toy in her hands. А living dildo with various functions to satisfy her sexual desires.

My milfs cams choose “all-inclusive”

She did not hide the fact that she really liked my caresses. The famous milfs cams took my head so that I wouldn’t even think about leaving her pussy. I helped myself with my fingers, licking her cunt, fucking her with two fingers. With the other hand, I already freed my cock.

I realized that she would finish soon – her legs began to tremble, and my fingers could no longer move freely in her pussy. Spoiled milf cam poured the remains of champagne on my head and came screaming from my caresses. Fuck, I’m covered in a sticky sweet drink and my face is covered in her juice. But, I was so proud of myself, because I brought a real star to orgasm.

After just a couple of minutes of rest, she made me sit down, and she quickly climbed on me. How did she still have the strength after that orgasm? Her cunt loved sex so much that she can fuck non-stop? I was already extremely excited, and now that she was actively riding me, I was afraid that I would finish in a couple of minutes.

And so it happened, I squeezed her in my arms and finished deep in her pussy. Now it didn’t matter to me what she thought about it, I could no longer endure this insane excitement.

Madam milfs on webcams wants me

She was disappointed that I finished so quickly! Insatiable milfs on webcams wanted to have another orgasm this evening, so she started feeding me oysters with a laugh. Soft and slippery, a little salty – immediately reminded me of her champagne-flavored pussy.

“Come on, I just started with your cock, you need to recover as soon as possible,” she said, serving me oysters.

We were alone, music was playing, and she gently stroked my hair. I certainly wasn’t the first guy to be here. This bitch thought of everything – ordered oysters retired with me. We were among the people, but no one entered our separatist. It also added to the thrill.

After about 30 minutes, she began to kiss and caress me more actively, and my penis slowly came ready. She was constantly touching him, and when it became firm, she immediately strung on me. She dug her long nails into my chest, preventing me from even moving. I was an alive dildo for milf cam – this mature and insatiable bitch.

She changed positions, sitting on my cock from different angles, she was looking for pleasure for herself, using my body. It was supposed to infuriate me, but on the contrary, it turned me on terribly. Her pussy greedily grabbed me, her lips and teeth dug into me! She just fucked me, leaving me no opportunity to do anything.

Continue with milfs cams and continue to be her doll?

We stayed at the club till midnight and my hot milf cam friend got everything she wanted. She drove me home with a loving kiss on the cheek. But when I wanted to say goodbye – she just drove away at full speed. I got really fucked, I was attached to oysters and champagne as a dessert.

I was exhausted all day because greedy and hungry Milf fucked me 3 times. I was almost asleep at work when I received a new invitation from her for a meeting. What could I do, I agreed! But this time I wanted it to be different – I wanted to dominate, put her down and fuck the way I wanted.

This time we went to the mall, where she chose shirts and trousers for me. In the boutique booth, she put my hand on her pussy and playfully forced me to satisfy her with her fingers. After shopping, we went to a restaurant.

“I have an idea, I don’t know if you like it or not” – said my milfs on webcams, drinking champagne – “I want you to be available to me always, and when I want – I will come for you.”

Of course, I will have time to consider her proposal.

What do hot milfs on webcams want?

This meant that my cock would belong only to her. This meant that my life would be subordinated to her now. She told me that a webcam is a good income for her and she can really afford expensive toys. I would be such a toy. She is ready to buy me things and gifts, and pay bills. But everything will be just the way she wants.

She has been doing webcamming for a long time, and in order to afford this life, she has to satisfy other people’s interests. In her free time, she wants to be a really sexy mommy. She will spoil me, but my cock must always be ready to do what she says.

This story happened to me 2 years ago. Then I nevertheless agreed to her terms, and our journey through life began. My milfs on webcams mistress knew how to have fun and overspend. She wanted sex every day and often came to my place early in the morning to get my morning hard boner.

2 years with a hottie milf cam only

But more often we met during the day or in the evenings when she was not working. For two years I was her sexual mercenary – I carried out all the orders and wishes of the mistress. And all her holes. She took me to the clubs as a fashion accessory. She introduced me to her girlfriends, and in front of them, she called me to kneel down and lick her pussy.

Some of them asked to lend me, and then she could choose – to allow or not. And if she wanted, I became a toy for her girlfriends. But I can say that it was the craziest 2 years of my life. Loving sexy moms means knowing how to be a good boy. My milfs on webcams was a real sexaholic.

I didn’t know anything about her past, and she wasn’t interested in mine. Our story was 24/7 sex, and it ended as abruptly as it began. One day she sent me a large check and asked me never to call again.

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